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Is your school accreditation ready? 

National Education Policy 2020 | 8.5.c

An effective quality self-regulation or accreditation system will be instituted for all stages of education including pre-school education (private, public, and  philanthropic) to ensure compliance with essential quality standards.

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If your School Board were to initiate an accreditation visit
to your school today,
how prepared are you to demonstrate
that you meet their quality benchmarks?

The Central Board of Secondary Education recently took the first step

towards preparing all affiliated schools for accreditationas recommended

in the National Education Policy 2020. They launched the School Quality

Assessment and Assurance (SQAA) Framework and announced a mandatory  self-assessment. The CBSE has identified 84 quality benchmarks across seven domains under the SQAA Framework and expects schools to attain all of them eventually. Soon, the other School Boards in India will follow suit. 

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We've got your back! 

If you're preparing for self-assessment, seize this unique opportunity

to acquire accurate insights into your school's accreditation readiness.

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Accreditation Audit 

A 360° school audit meticulously crafted for Indian schools

and tailored to assist you in understanding your school's readiness for accreditation. 

Know where you stand!

Our detailed analysis will show you

precisely how your school measures up

to each quality benchmark identified

by CBSE to track performance.

Raise the quality bar!

Acquire valuable insights into effective school improvement strategies, carefully customized to fit your school's unique needs, and boost your performance.

Act now!

You must get in touch with us today to schedule

an Accreditation Audit for your school.

Book a call now!

Send us your contact details to book a call.

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