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The interdisciplinary team at Innerkern works on applied education research projects and designs evidence-based capacity-building solutions for schools and communities, engaging parents, teachers, and school leaders.

Starting as late as 1940, the bulk of the education research in India revolves around the history, sociology, and economics

of schooling rather than the practice of teaching and parenting. As a result, educational innovation is too slow, occurs in isolated bursts, and is often accidental in our country. In response to this challenge, at Innerkern, we dedicate all our time and resources to undertaking cutting-edge applied education research projects that facilitate data-driven

and intentional innovations in schooling and parenting.

Our Mission

Inspire hope

about learning
in everyone
we engage.

In India, we inadvertently promote a culture of schooling and parenting that draws damningly limiting boundaries around a person's ability to learn. Aligning to this worldview, many of us grow up placing restrictions on our potential and possibilities as individuals. Most of us do not survive this learned helplessness about learning, embedded in our social psyche through centuries of caste-based parenting and decades of test-based schooling. Yet, the science of learning establishes beyond any question that everyone is capable of learning anything, even if they may not be on the same day or the same way. Hence, through our work at Innerkern, we nudge the school leaders, teachers, and parents who engage with us to make incremental changes to their limiting worldview on schooling and parenting so that they inspire hope about learning in everyone.

The Education Challenges

What are the challenges in education Innerkern is currently working on? 

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The Data Challenge

We waste the rich data that emerge from how we practice schooling and parenting since we do not dedicate time to gather and study them. At Innerkern, we focus on collecting valuable practice data, analysing it, and learning from it to design culturally relevant approaches to schooling and parenting.

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The Support Challenge

Parents, teachers, and school heads do not always receive the continuous support they need to translate their professional learning into authentic educational actions on the ground. We dedicate our efforts towards healing our education ecosystem from the repercussions of ineffective learning support.


The Solution Challenge

The parenting and teaching solutions we promote in our country are not rooted in the cultural realities of our society. As a result, teachers, parents, and school heads find it hard to convert them into sustainable practices on the floor. We want to use the lessons we learn through our applied research projects to design culturally rooted and outcome-driven learning solutions.

The Learning Solutions

What learning solutions do Innerkern currently offer?

Are ‘traditional teacher
training workshops’

really helping teachers? 

Classroom Shapeshift


How do you keep 
your school leadership

muscle fit?

The Leader Gym


Is the ‘village’ 
absent from 
your parenting efforts?

The Parent Club

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