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Traditional teacher training

is painfully ineffective!

After spending hours of precious staff time on traditional teacher development workshops,

do you find no change in how your teachers

go about routine teaching and assessment? 

You are not alone!


In most professions, including teaching, formal training in groups accounts for less than 10% of potential improvement in performance on the job. 

Moving actively away from 'teacher training workshops,' we are reinventing teacher professional development, shifting the context of learning for teachers! 

Classroom Shapeshift 

No teacher training. Only teacher learning.

An intentional departure from

traditional teacher training, for K12 schools!

Magically transform the way your teachers
routinely teach and assess their students in the classroom

without sacrificing inordinate amounts of time
for ‘teacher training’ workshops. 

No workshops! No theory!

Only, practice! 

How do we do it?

To talk to our Programme Team
and learn more about Classroom Shapeshift,
send us an email or call us. 

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