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Write for us! 

Would you like to share your thoughts
online to inspire
hope about learning?

We are inviting research or practice based writeups 
to be published on our blog! 

Do you have a line of insights, a few answers to a burning question, a set of learnings, or a series of ideas you would like to share with the community in connection with school leadership, teaching, or parenting in India? It could be about a strategy that did not work and how you changed your course. It could be about a few things you realised about being an effective school leader, teacher, or parent over a while. It could be about an 'aha' moment that made you reconsider how you approach leading a school, teaching your students, or bringing up your children. It could be about a series of approaches or a set of solutions on school leadership, teaching, or parenting that you have developed over the years from your practice, research, or reading. We would love to publish you! 

The Three Areas

We work with school leaders, teachers and parents. We would like to use our platform to inspire hope about learning in them. Therefore, there are three broad focus areas about which you can write for us. 

Area One

School Leadership

We publish posts that help school leaders learn how to manage a school in India in the 21st Century as pedagogical leaders and managers of learning in their schools. 

Area Two


We publish posts that help Indian teachers follow contemporary teaching and assessment practises in their classrooms.

Area Three


We publish posts that educate Indian Parents to navigate the complex labyrinth of being a successful parent.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for original posts, not published anywhere else online, on school leadership, teaching, and parenting. When you write for us, please make sure that your submission:


  • has a cohesive thesis and offers well-researched arguments and not a list of tips and tricks. 

  • addresses the issues or challenges Indian school leaders, teachers or parents face. 

  • cites education research wherever required. 

  • has three or more takeaways for the reader and those takeaways are presented under relevant subheadings. 

What are we not looking for?

To ensure that your submission meets our publication standard, please make sure that your post:

  • does not overtly promote yourself, a product, or an organisation. We want your expertise to shine through your thesis and arguments. 

  • is not content copied from other sites or books. When you are quoting someone, please do mention the source. 

  • is not already published content. When it comes to search engines, it works against you and us that we are republishing content. 

  • does not contain fake or misleading information. Please make sure that your post is backed by sound research so that we come clean when people fact-check. 

Here is our style-guide!

The posts we publish normally follow an informal, conversational tone. At the same time, they are not too casual and are not infested with jargon and cliches. Experienced educators and parents read our blog. Please make sure that your post addresses them. Following is how you can format the posts for submission:



Make sure that you use a font-size of 30 for the heading of your post. The heading must be inviting and interesting. 



Make sure that you use a font-size of 20 for the caption of your post. The caption can be the essential question you are trying to answer in the post or a one-liner about the theme of your post. 



As much as possible avoid bullet points or numbered points. Convert your pointers into subheadings. The subheadings must use a font size of 15. 



Wherever possible, use web urls to link to your argument. Insert the url on a word or phrase in the post, as and when required. 



Please make sure that you do not use copyrighted images. Please do not insert the images in the post directly. Please send the image separately, as a .jpeg file


Word Limit

We are not placing a limit on the number of words you can use in the post as we want to encourage longform reading. However, please make sure that you use more than 800 words, minimum in your post. 


Your Profile

Please include your profile in the post. Your profile/bio should be less than 80 to 100 words. 



Please mention the url to which you would like us to link your bio, so that people who read your post can reach out to you or learn more about your work. The back link you provide could be to your professional website, organisational website or online profile. We can also include your phone number or email id in your bio to make it easy for people to reach out to you, after they read your post.

How to get published on Innerkern's Blog?

Mail your post/writeup brief as an .doc attachment to and we will review your post and let you know how to fine tune it to make it publishable on our Blog. Once you incorporate our suggestions, we usually publish a post within 7 working days from the receipt of the final draft of the post/writeup.

If you would like to talk to us before you sit down to write to clarify anything, please feel free to call us at +91 88844 11900

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