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Three unavoidable questions, 
with one single best answer.

A CBSE school principal implementing the SQAA Framework must first answer three questions. 

How would my team perceive school quality?

The SQAA Framework requires a shared understanding of 7 domains, 49 subdomains, 84 standards, and over 7,000 expectations. How can you ensure that everyone in your school interprets these in the same way?

How would my team review school quality?

The CBSE expects all staff to be involved in the self-assessment process and everything that follows. How can you equip your team to collaborate, reflect, and accurately review school practices?

How would my team respond to school quality?

As per CBSE Circular 14/2023, you must develop a domain-wise school improvement plan based on your self-assessment report. How would you collaborate with your team members to plan your policies and practices?

Innerkern has the single best answer to these three questions! 

The SQAA Project


The SQAA Project is a two-day interactive and experiential Team Learning Meet designed to help participants review, reflect, respond to, and rate their school against CBSE's 84 school quality standards.

How does the SQAA Project help your school?

Get started!

Kick-start the conversations about the SQAA Framework in your school by getting everyone on the same page.

Gather insights!

Surface valuable insights about how your team will respond to the SQAA Framework, and develop your support strategies.

Accelerate action!

Speed up the implementation of the 84 school quality standards across your school, engaging everyone.

There are two ways school principals respond to the SQAA Framework! 

Two more documents, as usual!
Are you a principal who thinks that implementing the SQAA Framework is merely about writing a self-assessment report and uploading it to the CBSE portal along with a school improvement plan?

I can make a difference! 

Are you a principal who sees the SQAA Framework as an incredible opportunity to refurbish your school into a brilliant and transformative learning space for all the children who come to your school?

If you want to make a difference, 
make your enthusiasm contagious.

The SQAA Project will help you spread your commitment to quality assurance across your school. 

Schedule a two-day Team Learning Meet in your school.

Book a call today!

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